Redefining Customer Experience in the Mobile Industry

Last year, we were approached by a international tech giant with a very intriguing question: “Customers keep complaining while the network KPI’s are all green. It’s the operator’s dilemma: How do I marry the network KPI’s with customers’ subjective KPI’s?” The question sparked a project that aimed to discover the human-centric components of our client’s customer experience management.

During the project, we have experienced the remarkable difference a human-centric approach can make in understanding human experience. We noticed that the industry was handling customer experience management (CEM) in an entirely utilitarian way. They looked at only digital touch-points and how customers interact with them according to the pre-defined KPI’s. However, there was almost no regard to the real experiences people are having.

Our approach to the project was based on understanding a number of user stories of digital life, and then identifying customer experience parameters according to how they behave in various situations. We collaboratively discovered that experience can be expressed in many different forms and channels which were not previously investigated.

The moment of truth for everyone was when it was discovered that non-digital activites affect customer experience more strongly than digital activities. We realized that these activities were very critical as they often occur in touch-points that dramatically shape the experience.


(Click on the image for bigger version)

Also, earlier stages of the customer lifecycles were not addressed by the current KPI’s. This is important because these are the points where customers were introduced to the service which affects the rest of the journey.


(Click on the image for bigger version)

In the end of the study, our client had a new understanding of customer experience. They figured that only pre-defined KPI’s were not enough to capture customer experience but there was a need for a new set of tools to understand customer experience.

(This is a GEDS project.)

Image Credit: Gettyimages


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