The Design Lens can help you if…

 i03 Starters

You have a startup idea but don’t know how to turn it into an offering.

i01 Innovators 

You have an idea or offering but wonder if there could be a more innovative approach for it.

i05 Improvers

You are looking to make an improvement; such as new features, versions, or visuals.

Each process includes phases of observation, conceptualization, and implementation. In these processes we conduct ethnography to learn about your customers, synthesize research findings to create new concepts, as well as building and testing those concepts. They are carried out in collaboration with you, enabling you to learn from the process as well and extract necessary input in real time. At the end of each process, you will receive a strategic scheme (including a business model and a value proposition) and a tested prototype. All the methods utilized in the process are created by GEDS.


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